Survivors of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (‘Comfort Women’),who have lived their entire lives in pain after suffering merciless sexual violence in the middle of the battle field, are now strong activists who testify the truth to the world and fight for peace and women’s human rights. They have firmly pledged that once they receive reparations from the Japanese government, they will donate the money to female victims of sexual violence in armed conflicts.‘Butterfly’ represents our wish that all the women in agony, including the victims of Japanese Military Sexual slavery, would spread their wings free from discrimination, repression, and violence. So the Fund, established after the survivors’ noble decision to help female victims of sexual violence in armed conflicts, was named “Butterfly Fund”.
First, donate through community groups
You can participate in this cause by spreading the word about the Fund of hope within your school, church, or other community groups.
Second, make wireless transfer online
Kookmin Bank 069137-04-010752 
Account holder : The Korean Council(Butterfly fund)
9th FL. Sewoo Bldg. 10, Yeouido-dong, 
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Bank code : CZNBKRSE
: If you email or call us after the transaction, 
we can make sure we receive your donation.
Third, use Paypal account
The Korean Council’s Paypal account is war_women@naver.com

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